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How it Works

  • Apply for Money Supply

    Call 1300 101 588 and talk to our Money Supply professionals.
  • Receive your Money Supply

    Once approved, your Money Supply will be be released from our Money Supply Warehouse via Fast Pay – receive funds within minutes.
  • Repay

    Flexible options allow your business to repay early or reinvest the Money Supply for working capital, acquisition or other approved use.
  • 100% confidential

    Your privacy is our promise to you. We don’t share or store your data in unsecured servers.

Some of the Industries we Serve


BUSiPAY is a registered name of Busifund.  Our main purpose is to deliver scalable Money Supply solutions to one of Australia’s largest employers.

For our Dealer partners
BUSiPAY is Australia’s first Monetisation Money Supply provider to the Australian Automotive industry; providing fast and reliable, off balance sheet, Money Supply solutions to Automotive dealers across Australia.

BUSiPAY is our latest service offering, fast tracked to support the industry sector.

BUSiPAY provides advanced access to your monthly, quarterly and annual OEM retail and other incentive programmes – including holdback.

For our OEM partners
BUSiPAY offers Australia’s OEM’s Money Supply solutions to support both internal cash flow cycles and programme support for your dealer and dealer agency network.

We provide structured, off balance sheet Money Supply programmes to assist OEM’s and their franchise and agency dealer networks. This allows OEM’s and their dealer partners to access their monthly, quarterly and annual incentive programmes early.

Our programmes, unlocks cash flow for the deployment of growth centric strategies and essential working capital.

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For our Construction partners

BUSiFUND is a specialised Money Supply provider to the  Construction industry. We collaborate with select industry partners to forge strong relationships to deliver structured funding solutions at different stages of the development.

Our differentiation in a busy market place, is our belief and trust in our partners to succeed and our ability to structure security to deliver the required Money Supply.

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For our Real Estate partners

BUSiFUND is a specialsied Money Supply provider to the Real Estate industry.

Our differentiation in a busy market place is our belief and trust in our partners vision, their success and delivery of  personalised funding structures to work for their business.

Our services with the Real Estate sector are specialised and includes: factoring, rental list finance and advancement of income, general income advance, marketing expense advance and secured working capital Money Supply solutions.

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For our Financial Services partners

BUSIFUND provides wholesale and cash flow Money Supply solutions to  to the Australian Financial Services industry.

Mortgage managers and broker partners
BUSiFUND is Australia’s first automated monetisation service provider to the Australian broker industry, providing fast and reliable advancement of commission via our Fast Pay service.

Wholesale money partners
BUSiFUND provides Money Supply to financial services partners in the B2B market place. Your business may require Money Supply at a wholesale level for financing of secured loan opportunities, first (1st) and second (2nd) mortgages and wholesale commission advances to your broker network via our Fast Pay service.

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For our Healthcare partners

BUSiFUND provides the opportunity for the healthcare industry to grow patient services across Australia.

We provide specialist advice to deliver Money Supply solutions to business minded health professionals and other entity structures, who are planning, or in the process of developing or acquiring healthcare assets; such as medical centres general practices and other specialised services.

We take the time to understand you, your business vision and provide advice around structure and delivery of your Money Supply solutions.

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For our General Industry partners

BUSiFUND is a boutique provider of Money Supply. We collaborate with select industry partners to forge strong relationships to deliver structured funding solutions.

Our differentiation in a busy market place, is our belief and trust in our partners vision, their success and in the delivery of personalised funding structures that provide alternative structures to main stream lenders.

We specialise in structured funding solutions to provide Australian business with much needed Money Supply for business investment purposes, by way of secured Money Supply solutions.

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 Money Supply Testimonials

  • I was really impressed with BUSiFUND’s funding solutions. The proposal presented was creative and works well for our business. After a few false starts with other lenders, Mark and his team got us back on track and now provides all our working capital and expansion money supply needs.

    Melbourne, VIC
  • Personalised face-to-face business lending, allowed me to leverage my business investment needs and take advantage of the call option periods on two development sites, without interfering with my existing banking arrangements.

    Chatswood, NSW
  • I was referred to BUSiFUND to access business investment funding. Since setting up our business investment facility, we extended the term, helping our business access an exclusive distribution opportunity with an overseas market partner.

    Drummoyne, NSW
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